Sunday Summary #118 - We’re Editing our last Great Loop Video!

Sunday Summary #118

We’re Editing our last Great Loop Video!

Hi there,

Welcome to Scho & Jo’s 118th Sunday Summary. This edition was written in Ormond Beach, Florida. Keep reading to find out what we’re up to and our latest guides and content, which we’ve released over the past two weeks!


Thank you to everyone who replied to our last email about boundaries and balance. We appreciate all your suggestions!

Jen is hard at work editing our VERY LAST GREAT LOOP VIDEO. This has been a crazy journey, let me recap some key moments:

  • January 2021 - Purchasing Pivot on the St. Johns River

  • April 2021 - Letting loose our lines for the Great Loop

  • May 2021 - Breaking my wrist and canceling our first Loop attempt in Maryland

  • March 2022 - Restarting our Great Loop from the Florida Keys

  • February 2023 - Finally crossing our wake and becoming GOLD Loopers!

  • April 2024 - Sharing our wake crossing with YOU!

This last video will not be like our typical vlogs but will tell the story of our entire loop. We hope you enjoy it!

We planned to start on Pivot II this week, and… it didn’t go according to plan 😂. We planned to film the first video of our van build series, but we ran out of time. However, we did clean the van and took some initial pictures! We are super excited to start creating this next chapter. It has been a long time in the making.

"Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination."



If you don’t follow us on Instagram, you’re missing an incredible recap of our Great Loop. Jen has been gathering our favorite pictures and recapping the trip in sections. We have daily posts coming out until we cross our wake on YouTube! You can find us here: @schoandjo

Blogs and Guides. 

In case you missed it, here are all the blogs we’ve released since our last Sunday Summary:


 From the Eyes of Ollie. 

My parents seem really excited about our next home. Dad spent an entire day cleaning the new van, and then my parents left in the dark. I was worried they were going to leave for another long trip. But they came back, yay!

Happy Easter!

Ollie and Dad working on this Email


This week's gratitude is for Nanny and how she’s opened up her home to Jen and me as we work on our Great Loop content and build out our van, Pivot II. We try to be the resident handy-people and chefs, but we know having guests for an extended period can be draining, so thank you, Nan!

Peace and love,

Jen + Elliot


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