Sunday Summary #7

Sunday Summary #7

Sunday Summary #07

Somewhere between Máncora and Guayaquil

Hola ,

Welcome to An Urban Journey’s seventh Sunday Summary. Here’s a quick recap of what happened last week and what’s to come:

Last Week.

We hiked the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. It was an unforgettable experience that we will cherish for years to come!

Some of the most memorable experiences in the past week: 

  • Completing The Classic Inca Trail. We hiked 26 miles over 4 days. 

  • Machu Picchu. It’s difficult to describe how extraordinary Machu Picchu is until you see it in person (even with the flocks of tourists). Just take our word for it, it was incredible!

  • Our optional hike up Wayna Picchu Mountain for an extraordinary birds eye view of Machu Picchu.

  • Eating 5 course meals and even a birthday cake prepared on one propane burner by our chef Sergio while camping along the Inca trail.

If you’ve missed our most recent vlogs, you can find them here:

This Week.

We are currently on a bus heading to Guayaquil, Ecuador for our 7th country and 17th city. Although we’re not spending much time in Guayaquil, we are excited for what’s to come after these past few travel days… a trip to the Galapagos Islands! We cannot believe this bucket list item is becoming a reality.

  • Swimming with fish in the Galapagos and learning about the aquatic life.

  • Hiking on the Galapagos and learning about the unique ecosystems on the islands.

  • Celebrating Jennifer’s birthday in the Galapagos. 

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving! While we were resting from our hike for Thanksgiving, we were able to reflect on how grateful we are to take this trip together. It’s been a dream! Thank you for supporting us along this journey.

Cheers,Jenn + Elliot