Sunday Summary #4

Sunday Summary #4

Sunday Summary #04

So many travel days!

Bienvenidos ,

Welcome to An Urban Journey’s fourth Sunday Summary! Here’s a quick recap of what happened last week and what’s to come:

Last Week.

We’ve been traveling a lot! Bus, ferry, plane, uber, walking, running… it’s all been done this week. Last week we traveled from Montevideo, Uruguay to Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, to Córdoba, Argentina. We also took a quick detour to Brazil, for a few hours, making it the 5th country we traveled to on our journey! 

Some of the most memorable experiences in the past week: 

  • Having a conversation with some locals in our very broken Spanish. It is really special when people give us their valuable time and are so patient while we practice our Spanish speaking skills with them. 

  • Visiting Iguazú Falls, on both the Argentinian and Brazilian sides. It was amazing! Eleanor Rosevelt said herself, “Poor Niagara” when she saw the falls.

  • Having dinner with a German, a couple from The Netherlands and an Austrian in Córdoba, Argentina.

If you want to see more about any of the above, remember to check our vlogs. You should see the above in a couple weeks. 

We also posted a vlog of our last full day in Colombia! This vlog is much different than our previous vlogs as it's 4x as long (almost 20 minutes). We would love to get your feedback. Is the vlog waayyy too long? Or does it convey the flavor of Jen and Elliot better than previous vlogs? What's the ideal time for our videos? Let us know! We’re in a learning process, so constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

This Week.

Tomorrow we are visiting a winery in the city of Mendoza, Argentina. Following our short stay in Mendoza, we will be taking a bus to Chile to visit some family. 

  • Mendoza is the home of Malbec wines. 

  • Santiago, Chile. Visiting our 6th country in South America.

  • Visiting family. We’re really excited to spend some time with family in the next few days.

We have a lot of fun things planned for our last month in South America. We can’t believe two months have already flown by. Thanks to everyone for following our journey!

Cheers,Jenn + Elliot