Sunday Summary #3

Sunday Summary #3

Sunday Summary #03

R&R in Punta del Diablo!

Bienvenidos ,

Welcome to An Urban Journey’s third Sunday Summary! Here’s a quick recap of what happened last week and what’s to come:

Last Week.

We traveled to our 6th and 7th cities and our 4th country! When we started our trip, we had to make some hard decisions on which countries to visit in South America since we only planned to be here until mid-December. Our trip morphed in unexpected ways and we got the opportunity to visit Uruguay! We took a ferry from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay on Tuesday afternoon, then spent a few days in the quiet beach town of Punta del Diablo, Uruguay.

Some of the most memorable experiences in the past week: 

  • Hopping on a ferry to Uruguay, it was only 31 miles and was a breeze. Highly recommend it! 

  • Seeing the sun melt into Río de la Plata in Colonia del Sacramento.

  • Taking a bus and getting dropped off in what seemed like the middle of nowhere in Punta del Diablo.

If you want to see more about any of the above, remember to check our vlogs! You should see the above in a couple weeks. 

We also posted a couple more Colombia vlogs! 

This Week.

We have one more day in the gorgeous beach town of Punta del Diablo before a marathon of destinations! We will be visiting 3 new cities in the next week, Montevideo as well as some new Argentinian cities. A couple of activities we are very excited about: 

  • Learning about the history of Uruguay and why it ranks top in Latin America with respect to democracy, peace, and generates roughly 95% of its energy from renewable sources.

  • Traveling in a variety of ways! 2 long bus rides, 1 ferry, 1 flight, 1 overnight bus, and a few local buses.

  • Visiting Iguazú Falls, the largest waterfall system in the world! 

Thanks to everyone for following the beginning of our journey!

Cheers,Jenn + Elliot