Sunday Summary #2

Sunday Summary #2 - Lima + Buenos Aires

Sunday Summary #02

Election day in Argentina!

Bienvenidos ,Welcome to An Urban Journey’s second Sunday Summary! Sorry for missing last week, we had a crazy weekend! Here’s a quick recap of what happened these past weeks and what’s to come:

Last (2) Week(s).

We traveled to our 4th and 5th cities and our 2nd and 3rd Countries! We spent 5 nights in a neighborhood called Barranco in Lima, Peru. Lima was mainly a work week, however, we fell in love with the local cuisine. Such an ethnically diverse city, and it seems to come together in the most delicious ways! The following week was spent in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We’re currently staying in a neighborhood called Palermo which has great access to the local parks. Buenos Aires has taught us so much about the journey of cultural identity. From their explosion of immigration, second in time to only the USA, to their ideological differences played out in the Superclásico Boca Juniors v River Plate. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Argentine passion here. 

Some of the most memorable experiences these 2 weeks: 

  • Lima. The Quinoa Soup Drink was Elliot’s favorite street food so far. 

  • Patience with traveling. Our flight Lima to Buenos Aires had a few hour layover in Santiago. Due to political unrest, the airport did not have much staff and our 2nd leg was cancelled. We luckily found passage on a later flight. 

  • Buenos Aires. The (over 18,000) Roses in Paseo El Rosedal were immaculate and it was amazing how well maintained this public space was. 

If you missed any of our vlogs, we posted our 4 day Ciudad Perdida Trek and our first Ciclovía! This trek was a great challenge for us, but the end result was spectacular.

This Week.

Part of our journey is deciding our destinations as we go, so we decided to visit the country of Uruguay. We will be in Uruguay for roughly a week before coming back to Argentina explore more of this beautiful country. Some “planned” activities include:

  • Visiting San Jose’s Greenland School, Latin America’s first green school 

  • Taking a tour of old city Montevideo

  • Enjoying a small beach town in Uruguay

Uruguay jumped on our itinerary today, do you know of anything in particular we should see? If so, send it our way!

Cheers,Jenn + Elliot