Sunday Summary #115 - Our NEW Course! ⚓️ (UPDATED LINK)

Sunday Summary #115.1 - Our NEW Course! ⚓️ (Updated Links)

Sunday Summary #115

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Whoops, we forgot to include the course link in our last email! You can find both our Course and our Anchorages Spreadsheet in our store. Here's the link to the course: (make sure you use the code anchoringemail20 for 20% off)Also, here is the link to our new anchoring spreadsheet with 600+ anchorages and other free stops, on the loop (which is included in the course): of these have been a long time coming, and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Also, thank you all for the kind wishes regarding my grandfather - Elliot 🙏 Now, back to the original email (with the updated link 👇)_____________________Welcome to Scho & Jo’s 115th Sunday Summary. This edition of the Sunday Summary was written from Jennifer's Nanny's house in Ormond Beach, Florida.

How to Anchor Course.

We are so excited to have released our new course, How to Anchor and Love It! This course has been years in the making, from researching, testing, scripting, filming, editing, and creating resources to make anchoring an enjoyable experience for you as it was for us during our entire Great Loop journey. Our How to Anchor and Loving It course includes 2 hours of material covered in 15 video modules. We discuss anchoring gear (aka ground tackle), our five steps to anchoring, etiquette, anchoring with a dog, and more!Knowing how to anchor effectively is a huge factor in enjoyable boating. Not only is it important to safely understand how to drop your anchor in an emergency, but you can equally follow our steps to sleep soundly at night. This course pays for itself in just two nights (considering a 40ft boat and 2$ / foot + fees) of staying out of a marina and anchoring.Included in the course is a 16-page workbook to help walk you through your anchoring setup specific to your boat, checklists, and cheat sheets to keep at your help station while docking. We also included our newest product in this anchoring course, our Great Loop Anchorages and Free Docks spreadsheet, which lists all the places we anchored or stayed on our Great Loop and more - over 600+ locations organized by state, city, waterway, Active Captain links, GPS coordinates, and more!As a thank you for being on our Sunday Summary, we want to offer you a 20% discount on our new course for the first week it's open! Use code anchoringemail20 at checkout.

Being a teacher is not just a job; it's a privilege to make a lasting impact on the world.- Anonymous

Last Week.

Unfortunately we got some sad news to our family that we lost a beloved grandfather. Thankfully we were able to visit Elliot’s grandfather in the hospital before he passed. It’s been an emotional week, but are glad to have flexibility in our schedules to be around family for support including many aunts, uncles, and cousins we rarely get to see.

We also attended our first Van Life event in Dade City, Florida and learned a ton about vans! We’ve been ordering materials and preparing for the van build while also toying with various layouts and designs. Seeing so many vans in person and talking with owners about what they liked and disliked really helped cement different ideas. We left the event excited for the next few months of building the van!

This Week.

Now that the How to Anchor Course and Great Loop Anchorages and Free Docks Spreadsheet are finished, we're excited to get back into writing more blogs, continuing our van research, and editing our three videos a week. We're in the final stretch of Great Loop videos, and it feels bittersweet for the videos to come to an end, but are excited to share the few 2023 adventures we documented and the next adventure by land with you once our Great Loop series comes to an end.


Our new video release schedule of three videos a week has kept us busy! We hope you’ve enjoyed our recent videos:

STAGING OUR GULF CROSSING (our last protected day)

We CROSSED the GULF OF MEXICO (Big Bend Day 1)

Unexpected Destination Crossing the Gulf of Mexico



 We were on a Podcast. 

Our friend Ryan from The Pursuit of Happiness Podcast invited us to come back on his podcast and talk about our exciting next chapter! We had a great conversation with him, discussing our next adventure, the power of a leap of faith, and how the Great Loop changed us. It was a packed conversation, and we are so glad to have had the opportunity to chat together. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and anywhere else you listen to podcasts!

Apple Podcasts

 From the Eyes of Ollie. 

I have really enjoyed being at my great grandmother’s house. Nanny gives me lots of treats and we go on walks together. She rubs my belly and it makes me really happy.


We are grateful for the time we’ve been able to spend with family, even if its not in the best circumstances. Seeing so much family has been enjoyable and moving in with Jen’s grandmother has also been a lot of fun. We’ve melded our routines and schedules and have really enjoyed this opportunity to see life through her lens.

Peace and love,Jenn + Elliot


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