Sunday Summary #113 - Milestones

Sunday Summary #113 - Milestones

Sunday Summary #113


Hi ,

Welcome to Scho & Jo’s 113th Sunday Summary. This edition of the Sunday Summary was written in northeast Florida.

If you’re new to our Sunday Summary, make sure you read our big announcement from last week!

    Last Week.

    The past two weeks have been a great start to our year. We’ve gotten several videos published (the three videos a week have been keeping us very busy), a few blog posts written (see below), and we have made some good progress on finishing our anchoring course. We’re getting so close to finishing it and are so excited to see our idea come to fruition. One of the highlights of boat life, and something we continue to miss today, was anchoring. So compiling all of our tips and tricks, knowledge, and rescues into one massive project has been a large undertaking, but we’re excited by the results! We hope this helps other boaters become more confident in anchoring, adding to their boat skills toolkit.

    We celebrated Elliot’s birthday this past week. His birthday wish was to run his age, so after 8 hours of running, he completed 32 miles - his first ultramarathon. If you’re new to our Sunday Summary, Elliot ran his first marathon last year and is training for his second marathon in a few short weeks. We had an ice bath, an Epsom salt bath, and lots of pizza awaiting him when he finished.

    This Week.

    We’re continuing to work and wrap up our Great Loop content (videos, blog posts, and a few products 🫣) before we begin working on the van build. We’re excited for the next chapter, but want to make sure we focus on one thing at a time so we can give it our all.

    “Progress has little to do with speed, but much to do with direction.”-Unknown


    Our new video release schedule of three videos a week has kept us busy! We hope you’ve enjoyed our recent videos:


    CRUISING down a FLOODING RIVER (dodging debris)

    Cruising our LAST LOCK (bittersweet)

    We Cruised the Mobile-Tensaw Delta in Alabama

    Finishing the Midwest Rivers (and what makes the Great Loop special)

    AFTER 5,000 MILES we CRUISED back to FLORIDA


    We’ve been working on writing articles with information we knew before starting boating full-time or had on the Great Loop that would have improved our experience.

    In the past two weeks, we wrote a

    detailed travel guide

    with all the information for

    Florida’s Big Bend

    . It includes everything from marinas, anchorages, restaurants, things to do, festivals, and boater resources like grocery stores and hardware stores. We also wrote two blogs for boat maintenance and a boat toolkit. They’re a great read for

    anyone who is new to boat maintenance

    and what’s required to keep a boat in ship shape for a 6,000-mile adventure.

    We're writing many blog posts, including how-to's, travel guides, cruising guides, checklists, and more! Since our YouTube videos are more experiential-based, we'd love to answer your questions in detailed blog posts.

    If you have any questions you'd like answered or topics you want more information on, please respond to this email and let us know!

     From the Eyes of Ollie. 

    The recent cold front going across the US makes my evening beach walks pretty chilly but I still love to play in the water. The colder weather means theres less dogs for me to meet and sniff on my walks because we’e the only ones on the beach. I sure do love beach walks!


    We’ve been in a space that allows us to really focus and get work done and it feels so good. A distraction free zone is difficult to come by as we jump from one house to another, but are grateful for our current spot which allows us to really focus! It a great start to 2024 and sets the tone for the year ahead.

    Peace and love,Jenn + Elliot


    If you are new to our Sunday Summary, you can take a look at previous issues here.