Sunday Summary

Sunday Summary - Colombia

Sunday Summary #01

Our Last Day in Colombia!

Bienvenidos ,Welcome to An Urban Journey’s very first edition of the Sunday Summary! Here’s a quick recap of what happened this past week and what’s to come:

Last Week.

We have been in Colombia for a whole month and it quickly became one of our favorite places on Earth. The people have treated us like family, we ate delicious Colombian arepas, and we have fallen in love with the quality of life in Bogotá. Here are some of our favorite memories in Colombia:

  • Cartagena. We spent our nights enjoying the street performers at Plaza de la Trinidad.

  • Santa Marta. We hiked to Ciudad Perdida (Lost City), which was the most challenging trek we have ever done. 

  • Bogota. Every Sunday the city closes down over 75 miles of roads for Ciclovia. We walked the streets of Ciclovia for over 7 miles and are doing it again today!

If you missed our vlogs, you can find all of our Colombia vlogs here!

This Week.

We are heading to Lima, Peru tomorrow for our second country and fifth city. We are very excited for what's ahead:

  • Visiting the Old City of Lima.

  • Eating! Lima is the food capital of South America.

  • Biking along the Malecon de Miraflores.

Don't worry, we plan to return to Peru later this year to hike Machu Picchu. We wouldn't give up the opportunity to visit an Incan citadel high in the Andes Mountains ;)Do you know of anything in particular we should do in Lima? If so, send it our way! 

Cheers,Jenn + Elliot